President's Report Nov. 2020 & Early Retirement Bill

This Report includes:

  • *Reopening a safe workplace
  • *City Budget & No Lay-Off agreement
  • *Early Retirement Bills in State Legislature - New Bill S9041/A11089
  • *Delta Dental – New Dental Network for DC37 members
  • *Social Services .20% addition to gross update
  • *Clerical Unit .20% addition to the gross update
  • *DC37 Constitution Amendments
  • *Local 154 Exec. Board’s resolution on Black Lives Matter

Workers Memorial Day 2021 arrives at a moment of the greatest urgency, when the front lines of the war against

Workers in health care and social service industries are a big step closer to having safer workplaces.

On this National Library Workers Day, AFSCME library workers deserve to be recognized for the value they bring to ou

  1. Highlights

          Contracts Update

                      - Economic Bargaining / Health Care Savings

                      - Transit Settlement on Additions to the Gross

           Janus v. AFSCME in Supreme Court

           Civil Service Examinations

In May 2021's report:

  • Safe Reopening
  • Update on Early Retirement Incentive (latest on June 10, 2021)
  • Update on Unit Contract - Longevities, RIPs, Annuities

Managing the Return to the Office in the Age of COVID-19, revised March 15, 2021 


  •                    PRESIDENT’S REPORT
  •                        March 31, 2021
  •                    See This Report For:
  • * Reopening a safe workplace / COVID 19 Vaccination
  • * Governor Cuomo grants public and private sector workers excused time for the                COVID19 vaccine.  
  • *Layoffs off the table until June 2022
  • *Update: 2021 Early Retirement Bills in State

Georgia Veiga has been a proud member of AFSCME New Jersey Local 3440 for the last 17 years. She regularly seeks out opportunities to support companies that employ union workers. 

  •                                   See This Report For:
  •  Reopening a safe workplace / COVID 19 Vaccination
  • Governor Cuomo grants Public and Private Sector workers excused time for Vaccine   
  • Layoffs off the table until July 2022
  • Update: 2021 Early Retirement Bills in State Legislature - New Bill S4170
  • DCAS’s Proposed Removal Title Examiner Title
  • Update: Unit Bargaining .20% addition to gross
  • New NYS Paid Family Leave Rates
  • City ask for volunteers to s

As the world marked the anniversary of the official start of the coronavirus pandemic Thursday, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law and offered words of hope to a weary nation.