Contracts - Mayoral Agencies, Comptrollers,HH & DOE

Economic Agreement - The Economic Agreement determines the overall general wage increases for the majority of DC 37 members. It also includes provisions for job security, annuities and privatization. What agencies are covered? Mayoral agencies, Comptroller's Office, Cultural institutions, Department of Education, HHC. Authorities: Contracts with Authorities have their own "me too" clause which allow the parties to extend the economic agreement to our members in those locations.

Citywide Agreement - covers terms and working conditions at Mayoral Agencies, Comptroller's Office and Health and Hospital. After 2001, there were no major changes to this contract under the Giulani and Bloomberg's administrations. Effective 2004, there are changes to the Annual Leave and Sick Leave accruals (which are reflected in the 2002 Economic Agreement). The other change was the increase from two to three days of sick leave that could be used to take care of a dependant or relatives.

Unit Bargaining Agreements - these cover specific Titles in Mayoral Agencies, Comptroller & HH. In addition, Department of Education (DOE) has its own Unit Contract. Below are Local 154 Titles covered under specific Unit Contracts:

Social Services and Related Titles (SSRT) - Claim Specialists Series, Human Rights Specialists Series, Special Consultants

Clerical Contract - Public Records Aide, Public Record Officer, Principal Record Office, Department Librarian Series.

Accounting/EDP Contract - Research Assistant

Real Estate Contract - Title Examiner, Supervisor Title Examiner, Principal Title Examiner

DOE Unit Contract - Covers Research Assistants, Public Records Aides/Officers, Equal Rights Compliance Specialists at DOE.