Salaries for City Titles

These are the salaries for Titles in City Agencies and Authorities. In addition to the Title rates, employees also receive longevities, service increments and RIPs (Additions To Gross - ATG), which are listed below. ATGs will increase by .20% retroactive to July 2019.

The full page of salary rates for City titles is in the PDF link at the bottom of this page. Wage rates for SODEXO, NYLS and AFIS operators can be found in their respective contracts.                      __________________________________________________________________

Longevity Differentials, Service Increments and RIP for City, Comptrollers’ Office, Health and Hospitals and Authorities Titles 

What are these?

* Service Increment and Longevity Differential count time of service in the title or occupational group; Payable on the first day of the quarter following the anniversary. Only applicable to Full Time workers. Pensionable after 2 years. 
* Recurrent Increment Payment (RIP) counts time of active City service; Payable on the first day of the quarter following the anniversary. Only applicable to Full Time workers. Pensionable after 2 years.
*  At last but not least, the 15-year Longevity Increment counts years of City Service and is payable on the day following the completion of the 15 year anniversary. Applicable to both Full Time workers and Part Time workers (PT on a pro-rated basis). Pensionable after 15 Months.

1. Research Assistant Increments (effective October 26, 2019)
                    Increment Amount
After 3-year      $  905 (Service Increment)
After 5-year      $  911  (Service Increment)

After 6-year      $  418  (RIP) 

After 7-year      $ 239  (Longevity Differential)
After 10-years  $ 239  (Longevity Diferential)

Total                 $2,712


2. Citywide Longevity (Applicable to all City and Authority Titles):

    After 15 years of City Service is $800


3. Effective September 3, 2016, these are the in-title Longevity Differentials and RIP

for Claim Specialists I, II and III ; Human Rights Specialist Series Titles & Special Consultant II

                         Added Amount                            Total

After 1 year           $775                                          $   775

After 3 years         $776                                          $1,551

After 5 years         $779                                          $2,330

After 7 1/2 years   $929                                         $3,259

After 10 years  (as of 7-2019)     $601 (RIP)          $3,860 

 Annuity in the amount of $804 (Starting immediately after being hired in one of these titles.)

This Annuity was increased to $804 on July 2019.


Administrative Claim Examiners & Equal Rights Compliance Specialists 

Amounts Retroactive to July 2019

New Annuity in the amount of  $600

New 10-year RIP in the amount of  $450


 4. Recurrent Increment Payment (RIP) rates effective March 3, 2017 for the following:

* Public Records Aide * Public Records Officer *  Associate Public Records Officer  * Department Librarian Level I, II, III, and IV  * Department Senior Librarian   * Department Supervising Librarian

These RIP rates are effective March 3, 2017:

                         Increment      Total

After 6 Years       $827  -----  $  827

After 9 Years       $827   ----  $1,654

After 12 Years     $838   ----- $2,492

After 15 Years     $480   ----  $2,972

After 18 Years     $1,006  --- $3,978