President Report October 2021

October 2021 NEWS

During the Month of October, we are reporting on the agreement reached at DOE and H+H regarding the application of the mandatory Vaccination at those agencies. Originally, the City did not include previsions for reasonable accommodations and just wanted to put workers out of payroll if they weren’t vaccinated. The Unions sued the City and filed Improper Labor Practice charges on the matters against DOE and H+H. Although, the Court said the City had the right to require vaccination for its workers, the City moved on to negotiate with the Union on the impact of its mandate. Finally, the City agreed to include reasonable accommodations and other measures to protect our members’ rights. (check our October report).

But, in the last week of October the City announced that all City workers will be mandated to be vaccinated (at least one shot) by October 29, 2021. The Unions immediately demanded impact bargaining and proceeded to file Improper Labor Practice charges with the Office of Collective Bargaining. Although this time the City is allowing Reasonable Accommodations requests, the Unions want to protect our members rights. We will keep you informed.


October 2021 President’s Report

Order to Require Vaccination for City Employees