President's Report - June 2022

In This Report:

 On May 25, we held an in-person general membership meeting where we elected 4 Delegates and 3 alternates for the AFSCME convention.

  1. On June 10, 2022 NYC Council approved an unprecedented $101 Billion dollars budget.
  2. The Unions continue to monitor the City’s fiscal health. The NYC Comptroller’s revenues report estimates a positive money flow for the City in the first quarter of 2022. Also, it is estimated that the City workforce has lost 18,000 workers, mostly to retirement, through 2021.
  3. DC37 kicked off contract demands with a very successful rally in Foley Square on June 15. It also collected a bargaining survey with ideas for demands which was answered by over 15,000 members.
  4. NYC high health care costs adds new pressures to contract negotiations. A handful of Hospitals exact exorbitant prices from City’s coffers with rates at 300% & 400% above Medicare basic costs. Some hospitals are charging $700-$1000 dollars per each covid test. Unions asks NYS Attorney General to investigate Hospital’s billing practices.
  5. In Addition, the DeBlasio administration passed many of the cost of COVID Testing to the Stabilization Fund. Unions expect refund of over $280 Million dollars (cost through March 2022).
  6. Some Albany legislators are moving to enact NYS health care act which will require an estimated 10-20% premium from every participant. City workers state their concerns because currently they don’t pay out of pocket premiums.
  7. Remote work bill S5536/A457 passed Senate but finds hurdles in Assembly. Union reached out to legislator with message of support for this bill in Albany. Also, DC 37 asks Mayor to negotiate Remote Work Policy.
  8. Union members make thousands of calls to get Tier 6 changes. Affective April 9, 2022, TIER 6 new vesting will be at 5 Years rather than 10 years. Health coverage is still vested at 10 years. Also, paid pensionable earnings above the base salary will not be capped from April 1, 2022 through 2024.
  9. City workers get a Juneteenth Holiday. The Mayor and the Union agreed to the new holiday, and no givebacks. It is expected NYCHA, H+H, SCA will adopt the measure shortly. TA is adopting the measure for year 2022 only; DC37 is asking TA to negotiate the inclusion of the Holiday for future years.
  10. City has deployed outreach teams, including Local 154 Special COnsultants, to help remove homeless population from subway system. Local 154 filed grievances; On June 15, Union has met with DOHMH to discuss current members’ situation.
  11. Current Tests in DCAS Calendar: Associate Human Rights Specialist & Public Record Aide 
  12. Judge Frank rules that Medicare Advantage + can be implemented, and that the Senior Care plan should be offered to retirees free of charge. The City is filing appeals, and not implementing Medicare Advantage + due to the impact of the ruling. Court Hearings will take place in September. 
  13. Mayor Adams orders City Agencies to issue a plan to eliminate the gap (PEG), including budget cuts of 3% but he did not include layoffs.
  14. The Unions continue to monitor the City’s fiscal health. City revenues during the first quarter of year 2022 will be crucial to predict the City’s budgetary position by the end of the current fiscal year in June (FY2022).  
  15. *Updated .20% RIP, Annuity and Longevity payments (Pages 4)
  16.  Wage and Retro Payment issued in January 2022 at School Construction Authority (SCA)